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$115.00 NZD

One of the most compact dry herb vaporisers available!

$40.00 NZD

Quick Clear Detox is designed for all smokers regardless of weight. Featuring natural and organic flavoring and combining a great tasting drink combined with special supplement capsules (included).


EYCE Beaker

$95.00 NZD

In a market flooded with options, we knew we needed to create something extraordinary in order to stand out.

$60.00 NZD

The Eyce Beaker you know and love now has a sidekick. Introducing the Eyce Mini Beaker.


EYCE Shorty

$20.00 NZD

Beaker too big? Not a big smoker? Just like a taste every so often? Perhaps the Shorty is the right option for you. Featuring a firm-fitted glass bowl connected to a platinum-cured silicone chamber, and a sneaky tag for you to fit it to a keychain if you must!

$15.00 NZD

Regular cleaning with Eyce Silicone Cleaner will prolong the life of your silicone and maintain optimum performance.This cleaner is specifically created for use with Eyce Silicone Products, but can be used with any silicone items.

$140.00 NZD

This vaporizer isn’t like any other vape!

$22.50 NZD

Replacement mouthpiece for use in the MigVapor Dray Herbal Vaporiser.

$78.00 NZD

Stealthy and powerful, MigVapor's Herb-E is one of the worlds' smallest dry herb vaporisers.

$20.00 NZD

A great upgrade from the standard Khan mouthpiece. Ensure cooler hits and a smoother vaping experience with this glass water bubbler attachment! Only for use with MigVapor Khan vaporizers.

$165.00 NZD

MigVapor have outdone themselves with the new Khan.

$15.00 NZD

Replacement glass mouthpiece suitable for use with the MigVapor Khan dry herb vaporizer.

$20.00 NZD

Replacement coil and base designed for use in the MigVapor Sub-Herb tank.

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$50.00 NZD

The Sub-Herb vape tank is a one of a kind advanced dry herb and concentrate vaping atomiser that turns any regular 510-compatible mod into a dry herb vape!

$130.00 NZD

The FOUR Vaporizer sets the new standard for portable herb vapes in 2020. 5 different heat settings, dialled to optimum extraction points to fine tune your vaping experience. Housing a 2500mah battery, almost a gram's worth of chamber space, dedicated airflow and vapor pathway, as well as a glass mouthpiece for purer flavour. Combining simplicity with power, THE FOUR is the only ONE you need!

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$120.00 NZD

3 different temperature settings, a ceramic heating chamber, and a soft-touch rubber grip.

$40.00 NZD

Spectrum Labs Quick Test provides you with a reliable, quality way to test for ten common drugs of abuse, from the privacy of your own home.